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I’m Glen and I’m a personal finance advisor, with Finsure, and my core business is mortgage broking. I am based in Brisbane and am able to service customers around the country.

I can assist with:
-purchase and refinance of owner occupier homes;
-investment properties outside and inside of superannuation;
-personal loans;
-Seniors Equity Release/Reverse Mortgages: and
-commercial finance.

You may not have time to visit one bank and see what they can do for you let alone multiple banks.

Forget about trying to keep up with all the changes that banks are making to products and lending policies every day that may see you with the wrong loan features or even worse deemed ineligible to borrow with a particular lender.

Meeting with me is the same as meeting with over 30 different loans managers from over 30 different lenders, but you do this all at once in the one appointment.

I will:
-meet you in person and find the lending solution that meets your needs, saving you from the confusion and the guess work; and
-manage the interaction with the lender saving you time and effort.

My objective is to:
-find you the most suitable loan (I have a database with 100s of loans to choose from);
-save you money where ever possible (for example, by getting lenders to compete for your business); and
-ensure you, your family and assets are protected (it is always important to have adequate insurance cover).

My ethos – Service, Price and Quality – choose all three!

Glen Thurbon

Personal Finance Advisor – Finsure

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